Sell More Parts

How does the OE Parts Network help dealers?

The market has shifted and many repair shops are purchasing from chain stores instead of your dealership.

Our mission is simple. We help you leverage your brand and parts expertise to recapture lost customers and repair facilities that used to order large volumes of parts on a regular basis.

Dealer Benefits

• Recapture & Increase Parts Sales
• Geographical Areas by Zip Codes
• Increase Efficiency In Parts Ordering
• Improved Communication With IRF’s
• Outbound Electronic Marketing To IRF’s
• Parts Specification Catalogs All Makes
• Interactive Up Selling Capabilities
• Dynamically Suggest Parts To IRF’s
• Expenses Performance Reporting

Geographical Areas by Zip Codes

compassIn order to maintain a quality network of dealers we only offer our services to a single franchise dealer per make in each territory. Contact Us Today

Internet Parts Managers

parcelBy now almost every dealership in the country has an internet sales manager. We will help you setup an internet parts manager. Contact Us Today