About Us

Over 25 Years of Service

What is the OE Parts Network Program?

OE Parts Network has over 25 years of experience connecting dealers and repair facilities.

We assist dealers in meeting and exceeding their franchise parts quotas. We support repair facilities by leveraging our large dealer network to offer parts expertise, volume pricing and prompt parts delivery.

Our system allows Independent Repair Facilities (IRFs) and Collision Repairs Shops to place orders directly from local franchise automotive dealers. We have parts for all major original equipment manufactures. Our system gives IRFs access to replacement parts for makes and models from 1985 to present all from one easy to use web based portal.

Orders are reviewed by OE parts specialists who are dedicated to specific brands. Once the order is reviewed, parts can be recommended by our specialists. The parts orders are then purchased and promptly delivered to IRF’s directly from our local dealer network closest to the IRF’s facility.